Morten S. Weidner


Morten is an experienced product innovator in the biotechnology arena and has headed development groups for more than 25 years ranging from early development to phase 3 clinical trials.    

Originally trained as a biochemist specializing in pharmacology and medicinal chemistry, Morten has been in charge of projects within inflammatory diseases ranging from dermatology and rheumatology to the CNS.

Morten is the inventor behind more than 30 patent families and has extensive experience with the establishment of innovation and patent strategies.

Email: msw@zentexia.com

Ida S. Weidner


Ida is a medical doctor and certified specialist. Throughout her career, Ida has combined clinical practice with R&D in biotech companies.

Ida has headed projects within clinical development and establishing therapeutic as well as regulatory strategies.

Ida is the coinventor of several patents on novel bioactive chemical entities.

Email: isw@zentexia.com