Currently Zentexia has three development programs aimed at pharmacological modulation of senescence.

Senescence involves gradual decline of cellular function and reduced regenerative capacity at the tissue level. Unspecific inflammatory gene expression, reduced autophagy and mitochondrial dysfunction are among the hallmarks of senescence.

Zentexia’s core development programs are targeting senescence by enhancing cellular function and tissue regeneration through stimulation of regenerative pathways as well as augmentation of mitochodrial biogenesis and function. The pharmacological modulation of senescence associated gene expression also has the potential to alleviate certain types of inflammation.

Zentexia incorporates artificial intelligence in the screening and optimization of drug candidates hand in hand with synthesis and biological testing of the most ideal compounds. 

At Zentexia we focus on our core strength, which is the molecular innovation. We therefore collaborate with leading specialists in the respective therapeutic fields. Besides academic partners in the earliest stages, the preclinical pharmacology and toxicology is outsourced to specialized contract research partners.